Monday, January 11, 2010

Training in North Carolina

In a cosmically fortuitous event, fourteen friends on the cycling team
happened to land in the Chapel Hill area of North Carolina this past
week and trained together. Present for the coldest week in North
Carolina's history were Anna, Sarah B, Rachel K, Alli H, Erica B, Ashley
H, Hannah A, Ian F, Nick G, Nicholas F, Carl O, Jon S, and Rudy A, and
of course yours truly.. We spent a week together on the beautiful roads
(despite the rather preposterous speed limits), sleeping, eating,
riding, eating, laughing, eating, and sleeping. Did I mention eating?
I don't think I'm being hyperbolic when I say that it was actually the
best food ever to be cooked on a training trip, ever. There were enough
vegetables to kill a horse (If you don't know what that means, think of
gigantic, angry rutabagas!). A shout out deserves to go to Nick and Ian
for cooking the BEST /healthy/ mac n' cheese, and for preparing their
*first* meal together.

We are all psyched for the race season!! After just a few hours at this
stressure cooker that is Yale University, I wish so dearly that I could
be back on Arthur Minnis Road with you all. To any riders who didn't go
on the training trip, there are only 8 weeks to go! Get out and ride!
All of the riders who went on this trip gained a lot of skills and
experience: look to them for advice about cornering and pace-lining.

dancing on the bike,


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