Monday, April 20, 2015

Philadelphia Phlyer Report from Michael "Captain Mike" Grome

Philadelphia Phlyer:

Day 1: TTT
Men's C pulled through with the fastest average speed in the field. Problem was, they took a wrong turn and held that speed for an additional 5 miles, doing 19 miles vs the actual 14 mile course... Live and learn.

Day 1: Circuit
Women's C/D Molly and Lexi finished top in the field, taking home the gold with Lexi in first and Molly close behind. The first remark they both made after finishing their race: "We feel bad. We didn't do any work." Champs.

Men's C stuck together for much of the race with Matt Ampleman coming out in front on the final sprint, only to be taken out by a fellow rider with meters to go. Picking up his bike, he runs to the finish to complete his race. An unintentional dualthlon. He's okay, folks. 

Day 2: Criterium
3 men rode the criterium in the center of Philadelphia. 4 corners, many holes, high wind. Our D racers, Alex and Oscar, maintained a steady pace and kept on wheels through the wind as the field was stretched to a broken line as it squeezed around tight corners. 

In the C field, Suffer-Muffin Mike broke off the front and finished the last 8 laps solo with a 40 sec lead on the peloton, taking second... Apparently another rider broke off prior and stayed 30 seconds out of sight the whole race. Bittersweet.

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