Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Hampshire Highlights from the Yale Peloton!

This weekend's roster: 13 Yale racers. 1 Women's A racer, 1 Men's B racer, 2 Men's C racers, 1 Women's D racer, 7 Men's Intro racers. AWESOME.

What happened? The boys from SOM decided to storm the field for a day, dominating their category while the other 5 racers had epic, eventful, and adventure-laden weekends.

Some reflections - favorite moments, funny accidents, funny victories, unforgettable details - from the racers:

Mike and Tim's bike - a friendship forged on the podium!

From Captain Mike:

  • Saturday races at Dartmouth: 3rd in ITT, lost shifters on final uphill, borrowed bike from Tim, but didn't figure out how to use it in time for crit.
  • Sunday races at UNH: Adjusted Tim's road bike, took 2nd place in road race after 7 man split and an uphill climb to the finish. 
  • Lesson learned: if you're in front of the pack with a mile to go and no one is pulling, sprint and leave them behind.
  • (He placed 2nd in a very hilly road race at UNH. Way to go, Mike!)

Nominations For the Humiliation Helmet:

A snapshot from before the ITT:
Travis: "Hey, guys, you should probably go to staging."
Jordan: "Okay. Hey, Rafi, let's go to staging."
Rafi: "No, we've got a couple more minutes on the trainers."

Any bets on who missed their race? No worries - these two intro dudes rode with the A men! A new nickname is born: Tweedle Dum + Tweedle Dee!

Travis on a roll!

Teamwork 101 / Notes for Next Time:

  • Pin your teammates' numbers - not your teammates.
  • Someone will need more Gu. Peanut butter (& Co) saves lives. Cafe Romeo sandwiches are heavenly.
  • It was awesome having a large team.
  • Check your teammates' tires.
  • Ask for help when you need it. We're here for each other!
The Dynamic Duo! Men's C crit at staging.

Lessons Learned the Hard Way:

The scene: College Street Cycles, days before the race weekend

Rodolpho: Excuse me, I would like to know if one layer of glue on my tubulars is okay since I am only re-glueing it? 

Howie: Well, you need at least two layers in the rim and one in the tire. Have you wiped the old chunks off first?

Rodolpho: Ohhh, no... Will I survive at least one crit this weekend?
Rodolpho in the crit - pre-flat-tire!

Howie: ...good luck!

The scene: Crit racing, 7 laps to go. In the leading peloton!

A voice from the rear: Hey, Yale, there is something funny with your rear tire. 
Rodolpho's inner monologue: This guy is playing mind tricks. Keep pushing. (but in Portguese)

The scene: Two fast corners later.
Rodolpho's inner monologue: Ohh, wait, he can be right...

Flat tire... 6 laps to go! 

Moral of the Story: Always trust your mechanic! 

A Recap of Highlights from Noah, 
Men's Intro representin'!
a First-Time Racer!:

I had a great time. Loved the fact that Yale made up about 90% of the Men's Intro group, and getting to chase each other in the Crit was great. I also really loved our random ride we did between the first and second races where we went up to this little town East Thetford and got breakfast sammies at this little café called Isabell's. Not sure that's a really great racing anecdote, but was a fun part of the weekend. I also just generally enjoyed the camaraderie at the Super 8 the night before and during breakfast. Oh and the Maple PB on an eggo waffle was a great way to start the day :)

Rodolpho and Alex bringing the Team Time Trial home!
Alex's Favorite Moment of the Weekend: the TTT!
featuring two C racers and two intro racers
Did we win? Not at all. Did we lose? Definitely not. I'm proud to say Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum led our Navy-cadet-bearing team to beat Army! When in doubt, bring up the guys from intro!

Some Reflections from Tweedle-dum - or is it Tweedle-dee? 

High of the weekend: Stepping up to Cat C in the Team Time Trial to help Alex and Rodolpho, despite nearly puking post-race. Also, beating Jordan twice :)

Low of the weekend: Screwing around with Jordan, and thus missing our ITT start time by 15 minutes, so having to race with Mens A, meaning total humiliation for a good 12 minutes.

Corners are fun.

Shout-out: Big big thanks to David McCormick, who maintains a fleet of loaner road bikes. Check out this Caad10 teaching Lee some lessons about crits!

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