Wednesday, April 16, 2014

UVM RR Success! Dartmouth Disasters!

                            - A short race report by Jan Wilk

A much diminished squad of the 'dawgs headed up north for the UVM/Dartmouth race weekend, carrying a combination of sunscreen and short sleeves and rain gear and thermal baselayers.

Dartmouth Hill Climb ITT, Frat Row Criterium

We swore an oath to never speak of this racing day again - a day riddled by epic fails in every race, to the point of being absurd. We said we aren't going to talk about it and we sticking to that. Why on earth are we even posting photos of any of this disaster? Because we are at a loss for words.

Going backwards off of the break...
Uh oh, there's something wrong here...

UVM Road Race: minus Mt. Philo due to 8 feet of snow!

On Sunday, the usual race procedures got mixed up. Instead of taking a shower after the event, the Vermont weather showered Jan and Mike in the 8am Men's C road race. Barely noticing the beautiful Vermont landscape along the 11mile rolling course with two serious climbs, the two were trying to see as much as possible with water spraying from all sides. On the first round, Jan went down in a turn when a UVM riders cut the corner. Fortunately without any damage to body or bike, he jumped back in the saddle and managed to catch up with the field again. The pace picked up throughout the race and the rain started taking its toll, with many riders hydroplaning of the road or - lacking the superior protection of the Yale thermal jackets - succumbing to severe hypothermia. In the end, the race was to be decided on the final climb up to the finish, when Jan, after almost getting dropped from the front in the previous lap, mobilized his last resources to pass many riders shortly before the finish line to come in fourth. Mike, who was struggling with his pedals and fell back behind the peloton, braved the wind and rain without any protection from the field and crossed the line shortly after the lead group, finishing 18th and twice as high as in his first C race.

The super-car carries so many dirty bikes and humans, plus one canine.

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