Monday, April 5, 2010

Tour de Peter Pan: Bucknell Weekend Recap


What a sweet weekend! First and most importantly: No new members of R.A..C.E.s*!

Saturday was made of a rolling TTT and windy circuit race through rural Pennsylvania (think: horse drawn buggies with mennonites). In the TTT, our Men did well and had a blast, but the women rocked the show! First place finishes from the Women's Intro, C, and A fields. Go Ladies (ladies being Lara, Sarah, Amelia, Alli, Constance, Sarah, and Rachel). In the road race, the men did well, with Brian placing fifth in the Intro field while Neil placed ninth and David placed 53rd in the D field. Chris and I both didn't do so well in the heat, and bonked our races. Rachel and Sarah rocked the show in the women's Intro race, finishing fourth and seventh. Alli raced smart in the Women's C field, placing third, with Constance following in fifteenth. In the A/B field, Lara, Sarah and Amelia placed first, second, and ninth. Damn!

Sunday was pure domination. In a hilly, technical, eight turn crit, the Yale team put forth a great show, with every rider scoring points! In the women's A/B field, Lara and Sarah broke away from the pack and worked together for the final few laps, with Sarah becoming the first B woman to win a race in the Women's A/B field. Go Sarah! In the same race, Amelia finished well into the top ten after recovering from a crash early on the first or second lap. Alli rocked a fourth in the WC field. The women's Intro field had a blast with Sarah Wollmacher placing seventh and Rachel Kurchin placing fourth. Brian Tang, representing the men's intro field, represented, with a first place finish after a super smart race. Neil and Chris both had great races, placing eighth and fourth in the men's D and men's C races, respectively. I had an itsy-booboo, and crashed on the final lap of the Men's A race after having avoided three crashes during the race. Despite my best efforts, Sunday was a great day for the Yale racers, and we placed THIRD overall for the weekend, behind PennState and Upenn.

But NEXT WEEKEND will be THE WEEKEND for us Yale racers. Lux et Velocitas is going to be spectacular. Check out the flyer attached, and go ride the courses! Knowing the ITT course will help you gain between 30 seconds and 1:00 minute, if you know when to go hard and how to take the corners (be careful when practicing on open roads!).

Also, GET VOLUNTEERS TO HELP MARSHALL AND SIGN UP FOR MARSHALLING SHIFTS!! If you notice at these weekends, the hosting team has a responsibility to make sure that all marshalling spots are filled, whether by volunteers or by ourselves. EACH PERSON ON OUR TEAM IS REQUIRED TO SIGN UP FOR ONE SHIFT EACH DAY THEY ARE RACING!! SEND YOUR PREFERENCES TO THE EMAIL BELOW. But having volunteers makes our job easier; the fewer volunteers we get, the more we'll be working the spaces ourselves before and after our races. Check Tacco's email for details, and then email with when you can volunteer.

Rest up, eat well, get strong, ride fast.


*Riders Against Clavicular Experiences, see last weeks update

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