Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Race Report: Ethacos, Gaga, Penitent Pastries, and Endorphin

My dearest beloved:

At the time of our writing this letter, we're driving back from Rutgers. Let me begin by saying, what a freakin' awesome weekend. Many people formed some questionable addictions to adrenaline (Ashley: I'm thinking of you). To all those new junkies: there are only five days until your next fix. We'll make it.

Todays highlights:

The Women's Intro race was like watching a coordinated pack of sleek wolves (i.e. our fair ladies) assault a bull moose (read: some harvahd women). Our five riders, Alli Hugi, Hannah Arem, Rachel Duncan, Ashley Hurst, and Sara Wollmacher, worked together like pros. It's clear to me that the effort you five have invested in the training trip and the practices really paid off. Ashley led Alli out for a 1^st place win, followed by Hannah in 4^th , Rachel in 7^th , Ashley in 8^th , and Sara 24^th!

The Men's D race was a cohesive pack until the final hill, when it exploded like a blob of jello surrounding high explosives; or like anything surrounding high-explosives, for that matter. Neil “In it to win It” Algier clinched 5^th , followed by Eric Fischer 17^th , Nicholas in 20^th , and Jonathan Smith in 30^th . Nicholas had a perfect final sprint.

The Women's A, B and C races were sacrelicious. The Women's A/B fields raced combined, and the women's C started shortly afterwards. Amelia, in her first race weekend in the C field, caught up to the Women's B field, and took 4^th , while Sarah in the women's B field took 5^th . Anna did what we all knew she could and stuck with the top riders from MIT and Harvard in the break to take 4^th overall. I can't wait to see the points they earned us when all is tallied up!

Rich also had a great race, finishing 12^th in the Men's C field. After towing the pack up the final hill and into a headwind, he just wasn't in the right position for the sprint. Next time, Rich. Full results are at the bottom.

To the riders who raced this weekend: Rest rest rest!! A hard race alone doesn't make you better: the rest afterwards when your body recuperates is when you improve. Tonight, eat well and sleep as much as possible. Look at the race bible for a weekly workout schedule. In my car, we were just talking about good race specific drills to practice. Here's one: Sprint for 10 seconds, and rest 1:50. Repeat 10 times. Here's an important paradigm shift: in this drill, instead of “stomping” on the pedals, think about spinning them faster and faster. I find this recruits more muscles and is smoother and faster.

New riders: Challah back about your experiences this weekend. Let other new riders know how really really ridiculously awshum racing is.

Full Weekend Results (also posted at velocityresults.net):

*Individual Time Trial results (Cat: Name, Place, Time)*

WA: Anna, 7^th , 7:23.78

WB: Sarah, 1^st , 7:10.72 (5^th in the women's A field!)

WC: Amelia, 11^th , 7:53.49

WI: Alli, 2^nd , 7:42.13 (6^th in the WC field)

WI: Hannah, 7^th , 8:04.01

WI: Rachel, 8^th , 8:07,60

WI: Ashley, 12, 8:14.35

MA: Doug, 10, 6:16.23

MC: Rich, 16, 6:50.53

MC: Chris, 22, 7:00.12

MD: Neil, 11, 7:09.46

MD: Eric, 18, 7:17.88

MD: Jon, 35, 7:32.81

MD: Nicholas, 23, 7:23.47

MI: David, 12, 7:30.31

MI: Tom, 20, 7:41.66

MI: Carl, 15, 7:36.75

Criterium Results (Cat: Name, OverallResult, Prime#: PrimeResult)

WA: Anna, 3^rd , P1:4^th , P2:3^rd , P3:4^th , P4:4^th .

WB: Sarah, 4^th , P1:1^st , P2:4^th , P4: 2^nd .

WC: Amelia, 5^th , P1:1^st , P2:1^st , P3:2^nd .

WI: Alli, 2^nd

WI: Hannah, 5^th .

WI: Ashley, 6^th .

WI: Rachel, 9^th .

WI: Sara, 29^th .

MA: Doug, 17^th . P2:3^rd .

MA: Rudy, ?

MC: Rich, 30^th .

MC: Chris, 33^rd .

MD: Nicholas, 17^th .

MD: Eric, 28^th .

MD: Jon, 31^st .

MD: Neil, 33^rd , P2:3^rd .

MI: Carl, 22^nd .

MI: David, 28^th .

MI: Tom, 35^th .

Sunday, Circuit Race

WA: Anna, 4^th .

WB: Sarah, 5^th .

WC: Amelia, 4^th .

WI: Alli, 1^st .

WI: Hannah: 4^th .

WI: Rachel, 7^th .

WI: Ashley, 8^th .

WI: Sara, 24^th .

MI: David, 13^th .

MI: Carl, 18^th .

MI: Tom, 21^st .

MD: Neil, 5^th .

MD: Eric, 17^th .

MD: Nicholas, 20^th .

MD: Jonathan, 31^st .

MC: Rich, 12^th .

MC: Chris, No result but a sick final sprint. Addendum: 39^th

MA: Doug, flatted. Lame.

MA: Rudy, pack finish.

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