Monday, March 29, 2010

Princeton/Stevens Race Report: Lions, Tigers, and Clavicles, oh my!

Dear Cyclists,

I'll begin this report seriously with a bit of sad news. In what was
otherwise a great race, Nicholas Friesner, on the final turn of the road
race course, was struck by an erratic rider from the Indiana University
of Pennsylvania and crashed. Nicholas has joined the club started by
Anna and Tom, and is now our third member of R.A.C.Es (Riders Against
Clavicular Experiences). Thank you to Eric for helping Nicholas at the
hospital. Everyone, please send your wisdom (if you're a former member)
and words of encouragement to nicholas (

Now the sweet news. Neil finally sealed the deal and finished a race! He
won the time trial (profoundly disturbing the second place finisher from
MIT in the process) on Saturday morning, and in the criterium the trio
of Nicholas, Neil, and Eric raced a smart race, with Nicholas leading
out Neil for a 3^rd place finish. Eric himself placed 5^th in the TT,
and placed 9^th in the criterium and had a fun road race today. John, on
a fresh bike, was knocked down early in the crit by another rider, with
(THANK GOODNESS) no damage to himself or his bike. David placed fourth
in the TT, Won the criterium, and placed third in the circuit race
Sunday. Brian Tang, in his first race weekend, learned NOT to pace
yourself off of others in the TT; in the crit and road race, he smartly
learned to work with the other racers placing in the top 10 in both races.

Constance and Erica returned for their first race weekend of the season.
Both rediscovered why they love racing! After a very fast and tough crit
on Saturday, they had a blast racing in the road race Sunday. Erica
finished with an impressive ninth overall. Alli placed third in the TT,
eighth in the crit, and eleventh in the road race today. Ashley had fun
in the crit race (providing me with a model I took to heart) and had a
great road race today. Jenny and Christine made a welcome appearance for
Saturday's races. Jenny had an excellent time trial, and finished
seventh in the crit! Christine, like myself, had a less than stellar TT
result, but raced well in the crit. Christine and Sarah started off near
the back of the field, and given the course never had a chance to move
up in the field. Sarah dominated the women's TT in the morning,
finishing second in the B field and fourth of all women (behind
marthabuckley). In the road race Sunday, she finished fourth in the
Women's B field. We can't wait for her to move up to the A field where
she clearly belongs.

Full results (below) and photo finishes are posted at <>. Check 'em out!


Doug 20th
Sarah 2nd (4th overall)
Alli Hugi 3rd
Jenny 5th
Erica 10th
Constance 16
Ashley 18
Neil 1st
Eric 5th
Nicholas 15th
Jonathan 19th
David 4th
Brian 15th

Doug 15th
Sarah 12th
Christine 12th
Alli 8th
Jenny 12th
Ashley 24th
Erica 28th
Constance 30th
Neil - 4th
Eric 14th
Nicholas 20th
David 1st!
Brian 10th

Doug 12th
Sarah 4th
Erica 9th
Alli 11th
Ashley 18th
Constance 25th
Neil 6th
Eric 8th
Jonathan 25th
David 3rd
Brian 8th

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