Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday, November 11th, Cornering Practice

After a brisk and breezy Saturday ride yesterday, Anna and I decided
/very/ last minute to hold a bike handling skills practice today
(Sunday). I sent an email only a few hours before the actual ride.
Despite my best efforts, several people actually showed up. Team: I was
planning on having a personal date with Anna, but this was cool too, I

At Nine in the morning, we had no idea where we'd actually hold the
practice. We normally used the Winchester factory parking lot, but the
long delayed demolition began last week. Dear Winchester plant: I would
say I'll never forget you, but how could I with the lead and heavy
metals you planted in my garden! MMmm! They're delicious!

After some meticulous Google.Mapping, yours truly discovered a
race-track-like elementary school parking lot off of Ridge Rd. If you
didn't come and want to check it out, turn onto Ridge Rd from East Rock,
then turn right after St. Stephens onto Carew Rd. I'll say from
experience that you probably shouldn't go during school hours (and if
you do, don't offer the kids candy; that principal is WAY too uptight).

The practice itself was great. Anna gave a beautiful explanation of how
to take a corner and led us as a group around the track. I tried to
explain how one actually steers a bike, indulging myself with an
explanation of the underlying physics.

After Anna and I realized that everyone was actually supremely
competent, we were overwhelmed by visions of success in March, April and
May. Both of us got so antsy to race that we decided play a salaciously
titled game called "The Devil takes the hindquarters" (probably not the
real name). Basically, we made fast laps around the course, and the
last person crossing over the start line on each lap earned a point
(with points being bad, like in H.O.R.S.E., on your license, or with

Turns out, games are fun! Since this was actually a legit workout, and
far more interesting, I think we'll be doing this more often. Cyclists:
stay tuned for next weekend!

Shout outs to Ian F, Nick G, Nick F, Brian T, Chris M, and Sarah W. for
coming out.

Also, there's still space on the winter training trip. If you want to
talk, you know where we are.

From the Have,


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